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Wednesday, February 15

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Dove's Super Bowl commercial was awesome and it struck at my heart. They are running a Campaign for Real Beauty. It's about helping girls overcome low self esteem. I understood those girls who wanted to be different and who didn't feel like they fit it. I understood what they were going through, because I had low self esteem when I was younger. My hips were too big and I was way taller than everyone in elementary school. And I was too shy (not so much anymore). I never did quite fit in.

This is a cause I want to get behind and support. I don't want young girls growing up with low self esteem because it can lead to a lot of pain later on in life. Every young girl is beautiful, and no one should tell her otherwise. Check out the website. I love this campaign.


Anonymous Grant said...

especially if that little girl wrestles alligators!

9:59 AM


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