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Monday, January 16

Yesterday's Food

Not much excitement today. YESTERDAY, however, was different. I made the really good, really yummy Butternut - Apple Squash soup and it was still really good. The fact that I LOVE this soup is a big deal for me because I don't like any soup. Except French Onion, and that's it.

So, part of making the soup involved putting it in the blender to puree it and then put it back in the pot. While I was pouring the hot soup into the blender, some of it got on the buttons. And I've been in this freaky cleaning/organizing mood lately, so I went to clean the buttons. The stupid part of all this is that while I was cleaning the buttons it got pressed, the blender turned on, the top was not on, and yellow soup went everywhere! What was I thinking?

I didn't take a picture. And it wasn't that bad, it just went everywhere in my little area of the kitchen. Nothing like the coffee explosion of last year.

I really love to cook and especially bake. But I'm also accident prone in the kitchen. We keep the bandaids in the kitchen because of that. Tonight I'm making Turkey Chili. Nothing exciting. I think I'm going to try Pad Thai sometime this week. Oh, and this past weekend I made Rob a really good chocolate cake. I'm hungry. Too much food on my mind. Gotta go eat.


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