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Sunday, January 29

Random Produce Man

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While at the grocery store yesterday I decided to buy plantians. I love plantains and they're super cheap right now.

Anyway, while I was picking some out, this guy starts telling me that the green "plantins" are the best and he starts telling me how to cook them and all this stuff. So I'm like, "oh, okay, uh-hu, thanks". And then I walked away. I didn't feel like going into the fact that I already know how to cook plantains a hundred different ways. Oh, and by the way, it's not pronounced "plantin"!

So then I went to check out the pears, which are several rows away from the plantains. And they guy came over to the pear section to tell me that sweet potatos are also good cooked the same way as "plantins". Again, I was like "oh, okay, I'll try that, thanks."

Weird. Just too weird. I think I'll start posting more of my weird guy encounters.


Blogger rob said...

Argh! What did he look like?

I could take 'im.

3:12 PM

Blogger annette said...

yummy, i love plantins! hehehe! i love it when random people just start talking to you in the store or wherever; maybe they're just lonely?

6:07 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Well, I was getting the creepy vibe, not the lonely vibe. I wouldn't have minded if he was lonely.

9:28 PM


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