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Wednesday, January 18

God or Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm going through a hard time spiritually and emotionally. There are somethings in my life that God is working on. Of course yesterday morning while I was praying I told God I realized there were a few things about me that weren't always godly, so I asked him to help me change. By yesteday afternoon He was already working on it. God decided to work fast this time. So yesterday was a hard day all the way around. I'm already fatigued for health reasons and now there's an extra amount of being drained because God is working on making me more like Him. It's a painful process. I hate it now, but I now in the end it will be worth it, I hope.

When I have a hard/stressful day I end up making chocolate chip cookies. That's my stress relief coping mechanism. Partly because baking is fun for me, and eating raw cookie dough and baked cookies is also fun. Last night I had a chocoloate chip cookie (raw and cooked) binge. And like always, I felt gross afterwards. But I think I turn to cookies in times when I really should be turning to God. Cookies won't help me solve me issues.

I need to choose God over cookies. The struggle is that it's often easier to make the cookies than to pray and trust God. But, I'd rather trust God than trust cookies.


Blogger rob said...

Wow. What a great post...and epiphany for you! Thanks for sharing it here.

1:32 PM


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