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Tuesday, January 3

Chair of No Return

Chair of No Return
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This is what Rob dubbed "The Chair of No Return" this morning.

So what's up with the chair of no return? It's piled with clothes that need to be fixed, whether it's a button or a hemline that needs to be lowered. Since I know how to sew I honestly thought I would get around to actually fixing the many articles of clothing on the chair in our bedroom. Some pieces have been on there for, oh, about 7 months.

I was offended when Rob named the chair this morning because last night I fixed two of my blouses. They were taken out of the chair and hung up in the closet.

I think a more fitting name is "The Chair of Takes A Very Long Time to Return".


Blogger rob said...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you! I was just joking!

I was quite impressed and proud of you that you were able to fix a couple things and get them back in their rightful place -- the closet.

Well done, Patricia. Well done!

7:58 PM


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