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Friday, December 23

My Family Christmas

Ready for Dinner
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Rob and I are in Virginia and we just had Christmas with my mom and her husband and my two sisters and their other halves. Tomorrow we're driving up to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas day with my dad. Both my sisters will also go up there. It'll be the first time in 4 years that my dad will have all of us together for Christmas.

Now that my mom's Christmas dinner is over I was thinking about how my family Christmas is like a hurricane. We know the big event is coming and we all gear up for it for days. The day finally comes and it's crazy. We're all talking at the same time, and loudly too. There's a lot of chaos with getting the meal ready, eating, opening gifts all at once. Then, after awhile, it's all over. The calm settles in but there's still a mess of wrapping paper everywhere.

Rob's family Christmas is so different. It's like a slow and steady wind. It's predictable. They do the same thing year after year. The meal is always the same. They talk softly and orderly. Presents are opened up one at a time. It's more calm.

There are pros and cons to both. Let's see how Christmas with my dad turns out.


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