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Tuesday, December 20

My Blog FAQ's

I've asked myself a lot of questions so here are a few for all to read:

Q: Why is my blogging sporadic?
A: I'd like to blog more but sometimes I get really busy and other things take priority. I know many faithful bloggers like Rob, and Jerry, who make time to blog everyday. I commend them on that. But I seems to run out of time in the day. If I haven't blogged in a few days or a week, it's most likely because I'm super duper super busy.

Q: Why don't I write about super deep stuff in my life?
A: This blog is more about random stuff in my life and usually it's superficial. If you want to read about more serious and spiritual stuff you can visit this blog. If you'd like to know the deepest part of me, I recommend you getting to know me personally. Even then, there's a good chance you're never know my deepest darkest secrets. Only Rob knows them and he's not at liberty to tell.

Q: I blog about food often. Why is that?
A: I LOVE food. In fact, maybe I'll start blogging about what I eat or cook everyday. I love trying new food, and cooking, and of course there's the eating of the food! I love trying food from other cultures. That's the best! I really don't eat as much as I blog about food.

Q: Does anyone really read this stuff?
A: I'd like to think that I have hundreds of faithful blog readers from around the world! So I'm just going to live in ignorance and keep believing that.


Blogger Sarah said...

Patricia, I think your blog is great! I check it each time I'm online... I'm a faithful reader of your blog, and I enjoy it. Take care and have a Merry Christmas! Are you traveling? I'm in Iowa...

5:22 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

We're in the DC area now and driving up to Pittsburgh on the 23rd - 26.

11:42 PM

Blogger Rick said...

I read it. In fact I especially love this post because I ask myself the same questions all the time.

3:24 PM


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