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Thursday, December 8

Little Yappy Dog

There's a litle yappy dog that lives across the street. It's some kind of Chihuahua mix and she, Princess, lives outside of the house across the street. So basically she lives on our street. And she yaps, constantly, at everyone and everything that moves.

The little yappy dog annoys me to death because:
  1. she's a little yappy dog
  2. she's always running around street with no leash
  3. she doesn't let anyone pet her
Last night when I came home Princess was outside, and of course she started barking at me. Then she stopped, so I turned around to see why. There was a big black cat about 15 feet away staring at her! And the cat was bigger. I wanted to see what was going to happen.

Aaahhh...sweet revenge! The cat chased Princess around the house! Okay, so nothing happened to the dog, but it was fun to see a cat chase the annoying little dog across the street.


Anonymous rachael (howard)brabham said...

hi trish
little dogs that constantly yap are the pits! we have two next door that go thru phases of silence (lovely) and non-stop yapping! at my old house the yapper went off if i went into the laundery! you have my sympathies they are sooo annoying! yah the black cat!
rach : )
ps big love to you and rob and the rest of your family

3:25 AM

Blogger Kelli said...

don't know if you remember me but I was a freshman when you graduated. I can across your blog so I thought I'd comment! Would've loved to seen video of the cat chasing the dog! hope you and yours are well. Merry Christmas!

1:58 PM

Blogger Kelli said...

just saw that Rob is allergic to gluten??? My husband is too. Random.

2:00 PM

Blogger Jerry said...

There's nothing like a confrontation with a cat to take the mask of ferocity off truly annoying dogs!

6:47 AM


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