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Friday, December 30

Home Sweet Home

Rob and I are back home in Orlando after our whirlwind Christmas tour. I barely have time to shower, let alone blog, when I visit my family in Virginia. I enjoy hanging out with my family so much that I want to spend all my time with them.

We flew up to DC Dec 23 and were supposed to come home the 28th. But because of bad weather in Atlanta, our connection, our flights were cancelled and we came home on the 29th. We drove up to Pittsburgh Dec 23 - 26 to spend Christmas day with my dad. Both my sisters were there too. It was the first time in a long time that we all spent Christmas with Papa. The normal 4 hour drive up to Pittsburgh took us 5 hours to drive up there and 6 1/2 to get home.

Today I slept in late and have been playing with my Christmas toys:
I also got a nice watch from Rob. Thanks honey! That was my favorite gift. I got a bunch of other great stuff too. But most of all I enjoyed being with my family, when they weren't stressing me out.


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