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Friday, December 30

Christmas Meals

Since I'm in the blogging groove right now, let me just tell you how well we ate on Christmas day! Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of all our wonderful food. Susie was the mastermind behind our meals. For lunch we had Bacalao con viandas (chayote, green bananas, plantains, yuca, yautia, and a few others ones I can't remember). I never liked bacalao (codfish) growing up because it was really fishy tasting. But now that I like fish it wasn't so bad. Rob loved it!

For dinner, Susie bought a 5 lb chunk of New Zealand lamb, and she marinated it for 2 days. I can't remember how exactly she marinated it, but it was so so so yummy! I love lamb, but only New Zealand or Australian lamb because it doesn't have the gamey after taste.

Thanks for planning the meals Susie!


Blogger rob said...

Oh man that was a great meal! Both of them! I really like Bacalao.

9:01 PM


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