Pitatayo is me! That's how I pronounced my first and last name when I was really little and learning to talk. This blog is about me, my life, my experiences and other things I want to write about.

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Friday, December 30

Christmas Meals

Since I'm in the blogging groove right now, let me just tell you how well we ate on Christmas day! Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of all our wonderful food. Susie was the mastermind behind our meals. For lunch we had Bacalao con viandas (chayote, green bananas, plantains, yuca, yautia, and a few others ones I can't remember). I never liked bacalao (codfish) growing up because it was really fishy tasting. But now that I like fish it wasn't so bad. Rob loved it!

For dinner, Susie bought a 5 lb chunk of New Zealand lamb, and she marinated it for 2 days. I can't remember how exactly she marinated it, but it was so so so yummy! I love lamb, but only New Zealand or Australian lamb because it doesn't have the gamey after taste.

Thanks for planning the meals Susie!

Christmas Pooch - Kayla

Kayla's Bow
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This is my other sister's dog. Kayla will let Anita put anything on her. She's kinda cute with her bow on.

Christmas Pooch - Lucy

Lucy got a new shirt
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My sister, Susie, got Lucy and hoodie for Christmas! She looks really cute in it! We all had a good laugh. Poor Lucy. That's my brother in law, Kurt, in the background.

Home Sweet Home

Rob and I are back home in Orlando after our whirlwind Christmas tour. I barely have time to shower, let alone blog, when I visit my family in Virginia. I enjoy hanging out with my family so much that I want to spend all my time with them.

We flew up to DC Dec 23 and were supposed to come home the 28th. But because of bad weather in Atlanta, our connection, our flights were cancelled and we came home on the 29th. We drove up to Pittsburgh Dec 23 - 26 to spend Christmas day with my dad. Both my sisters were there too. It was the first time in a long time that we all spent Christmas with Papa. The normal 4 hour drive up to Pittsburgh took us 5 hours to drive up there and 6 1/2 to get home.

Today I slept in late and have been playing with my Christmas toys:
I also got a nice watch from Rob. Thanks honey! That was my favorite gift. I got a bunch of other great stuff too. But most of all I enjoyed being with my family, when they weren't stressing me out.

Friday, December 23


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This is Hank, my mom's husband. As a joke gift, Rob and I got him this pirate stuff because he always has his pet cockatiel on his shoulder. He got a kick out of it!

My Family Christmas

Ready for Dinner
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Rob and I are in Virginia and we just had Christmas with my mom and her husband and my two sisters and their other halves. Tomorrow we're driving up to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas day with my dad. Both my sisters will also go up there. It'll be the first time in 4 years that my dad will have all of us together for Christmas.

Now that my mom's Christmas dinner is over I was thinking about how my family Christmas is like a hurricane. We know the big event is coming and we all gear up for it for days. The day finally comes and it's crazy. We're all talking at the same time, and loudly too. There's a lot of chaos with getting the meal ready, eating, opening gifts all at once. Then, after awhile, it's all over. The calm settles in but there's still a mess of wrapping paper everywhere.

Rob's family Christmas is so different. It's like a slow and steady wind. It's predictable. They do the same thing year after year. The meal is always the same. They talk softly and orderly. Presents are opened up one at a time. It's more calm.

There are pros and cons to both. Let's see how Christmas with my dad turns out.

Tuesday, December 20

My Blog FAQ's

I've asked myself a lot of questions so here are a few for all to read:

Q: Why is my blogging sporadic?
A: I'd like to blog more but sometimes I get really busy and other things take priority. I know many faithful bloggers like Rob, and Jerry, who make time to blog everyday. I commend them on that. But I seems to run out of time in the day. If I haven't blogged in a few days or a week, it's most likely because I'm super duper super busy.

Q: Why don't I write about super deep stuff in my life?
A: This blog is more about random stuff in my life and usually it's superficial. If you want to read about more serious and spiritual stuff you can visit this blog. If you'd like to know the deepest part of me, I recommend you getting to know me personally. Even then, there's a good chance you're never know my deepest darkest secrets. Only Rob knows them and he's not at liberty to tell.

Q: I blog about food often. Why is that?
A: I LOVE food. In fact, maybe I'll start blogging about what I eat or cook everyday. I love trying new food, and cooking, and of course there's the eating of the food! I love trying food from other cultures. That's the best! I really don't eat as much as I blog about food.

Q: Does anyone really read this stuff?
A: I'd like to think that I have hundreds of faithful blog readers from around the world! So I'm just going to live in ignorance and keep believing that.

Monday, December 19

It's Cold!

It was really cold today. I think it got down to 66 degrees. I even had to wear my coat to work this morning!

Ha ha ha!!! Okay, so I know that it's not that cold compared to the 27 degree weather in Pittsburgh where I'll be for Christmas. But hey, 66 is cold for us Floridians! We're not used to this. I really did wear a wool sweater today.

Saturday, December 17

Narnia - Loved It!

The Chronicles of Narnia are my all time favorite books! I've read them at least 6 or 7 times each. Tonight Rob and I saw the movie and I loved it. Narnia on screen is just like I imagined it! I loved it! The theater was sold out and it was full of kids. I loved hearing their reactions to the movie.

Go read Rob's post on what we thought of the movie. He gave out some awards.

Thursday, December 8

Little Yappy Dog

There's a litle yappy dog that lives across the street. It's some kind of Chihuahua mix and she, Princess, lives outside of the house across the street. So basically she lives on our street. And she yaps, constantly, at everyone and everything that moves.

The little yappy dog annoys me to death because:
  1. she's a little yappy dog
  2. she's always running around street with no leash
  3. she doesn't let anyone pet her
Last night when I came home Princess was outside, and of course she started barking at me. Then she stopped, so I turned around to see why. There was a big black cat about 15 feet away staring at her! And the cat was bigger. I wanted to see what was going to happen.

Aaahhh...sweet revenge! The cat chased Princess around the house! Okay, so nothing happened to the dog, but it was fun to see a cat chase the annoying little dog across the street.

Wednesday, December 7

What Happened to my Sock?

I woke up this morning with only one sock on! The weird thing is that I kinda remember taking it off some time in the middle of the night.

Sometimes I take them off in the middle of the night because I'm hot. But I wasn't hot last night. I tossed and turned all night long. And I remember my left foot being cold because it was missing a sock.


Sunday, December 4

All I Want for Christmas

In case anyone out there wants to get me a Christmas present, here's the link to my Amazon Christmas wish list.

There's a bunch of other stuff we could use as well:
  • Home Depot gift cards - we have a lot of repairs to do to our house
  • Ann Taylor Loft gift cards - I like their clothes
  • Restaurant gift cards - so Rob and I can enjoy a night out together
  • Pottery Barn gift cards - there are some curtains (50x84 in Cardinal Red) I want from there
So go for it! Spend as much as you want on me!

Thursday, December 1

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I had a good day at the office, got a lot done. I had some good social time which meets my high extrovert needs. And Rob's been helping me out with stuff. Tonight I'm relaxing by watching TV. Tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with a friend.

It's been a good day.