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Friday, November 11

Pet Peeve of the Week

When people throw away good stuff!

Just this week I've seen, in the trash pile:
  • a perfectly good dining room table with chairs, a little old but still in good shape
  • 3 plastic lawn chairs
Why does this bug me? Because there are tons of less fortunate people who would love this stuff. Take it to Goodwill or something, it's not that far away! But don't throw away good stuff. If I was able to I'd stop and pick up all the good things people throw away just to take it to Goodwill.


Blogger Estelle said...

I completely agree. I hate it when people throw something away that is perfectly useful. Goodwill even picks stuff up! The least they could do is try freecycle. I've done it with several things and they are always gone within a day.
Greetings from St. Pete!

1:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other day there was an antique twin bed, fully assembled out at the street in Poinsettia! I couldn't believe that one! Our neighbors trash everything...tv, chairs, shelves (which we stole!) it is crazy and should be illegal!

11:20 PM


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