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Thursday, November 24

Gluten Free Casein Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Spread
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I made the best Thanksgiving meal this year! Okay, I'm bragging, but let me just tell you - it was really good! I had to make sure Rob could eat it because of his food allergies to gluten (wheat, oats, barley, rye, malt) eggs, dairy and a few other things. So there's no way he'd be able to eat our traditonal southern Thanksgiving meal. So I made some alterations to great recipes and everything was really good. I even made the cranberry sauce myself, which I've never done before.

Our Thanksgiving Menu:Instead of real butter I used Earth Balance and it worked really well.

I was going to make a few other things too but didn't get around to it. So I'm going to do it tomorrow and have it with leftovers.


Blogger Sarah said...

I'm so proud of you... You are so creative! The food sounded great.

1:00 PM

Anonymous Chris Short said...

Wow... That does sound really good.

9:50 PM


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