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Sunday, October 16

Sci-fi Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Rob's been out of town since Thursday morning and he's coming home tonight. So I did whatever I wanted this weekend. Guess what I did?

I watched lots of science fiction and baked! I love sci-fi but Rob doesn't so I don't get to watch it much. And since we got cable a month ago I've been so excited to get the sci-fi channel. I know, I'm a geek, but who cares!

Friday, after baking myself a cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies, I watched the Sci-fi Channel: Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis. I'd already seen the Battlestar Galactica episode so I went to bed then.

Saturday morning my family waited until 10 am to call and wish me a happy birthday. That's what we do in my family - we all call eachother so it's a bunch of fun phone calls all day long. I was still in bed at 10 am, of course! I love laying in bed when I can. After a bunch of phone calls I went to see Serenity. It was really good. I went by myself because I don't know any other females who like sci-fi, except my sisters who live in Virginia. Then a couple of good friends came over for dinner and cheesecake to help me celebrate my birthday. It was fun and relaxing.

Today I watched Sahara. Not sci-fi but still good. And Rob will be home soon.


Blogger Steve Bell said...

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If you have time -- please drift by www.secretrevelation.com
You can download the first half of the novel. If you can please give me some feedback from a female perspective on the site, the book etc.

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5:16 PM

Blogger karin said...

appy Birthday!!!!!!! I had a feeling it was coming up one of these days, but I wasn't sure exactly which one.

Glad you got to watch movies and bake! Sounds sooooo relaxing.

9:10 PM

Blogger Jerry said...

Happy belated birthday!

2:55 PM


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