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Tuesday, October 25

Little Clemson Fan

Niece Cheer
Originally uploaded by orangejack.
We're in South Carolina for a couple of weeks, and coincidentally also for a couple of Clemson football games. We went last week with Rob's family. It was the first football game for our neices, Lera Martha (5) and Amelia (3). They loved it! But Amelia did fall asleep half way through and her dad took her back to the car to nap.

Lera Martha, who the photo is of, watched the entire game and even learned the Clemson cheer! At the end of the game she asked me, "who won?". I told her Clemson and she cheered again!

See more pictures from the game.


Anonymous Rach Brabham said...

hi babe
have been keeping updated via your blog. very sorry for laxness in e's, but did send a long one a week or so ago, hope u got it! we're new to broad band and it's been playing up. your niece looks just jack's sister when she was little! hope alls well. big love to you and rob.. and your whole family!! xx ; )

5:30 AM


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