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Wednesday, October 19

Learned Something New

Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and I love what I do. But half of what I've learned I'v learned on my own. I was working on a degree but had to stop when I got really sick a year and a half ago. I learn the best in a classroom setting. But the help funtion in the design programs work well too. I just don't like to read directions, I'd rather see things done.

Anyway, I just learned something new in Adobe InDesign today! I love it when I learn something new with the Adobe products. So exciting! I know Illustrator really well and InDesign well enough, but Photoshop is my weakest program.

I think this is the hi-light of my day!


Blogger Jerry said...


What did you learn, Patricia?

2:58 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Well, I'm a little embarassed about it since I probably should have know about it sooner. But basically how to format a graphic within a text box. I used it all day today.

8:49 PM


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