Pitatayo is me! That's how I pronounced my first and last name when I was really little and learning to talk. This blog is about me, my life, my experiences and other things I want to write about.

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Tuesday, October 25

Little Clemson Fan

Niece Cheer
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We're in South Carolina for a couple of weeks, and coincidentally also for a couple of Clemson football games. We went last week with Rob's family. It was the first football game for our neices, Lera Martha (5) and Amelia (3). They loved it! But Amelia did fall asleep half way through and her dad took her back to the car to nap.

Lera Martha, who the photo is of, watched the entire game and even learned the Clemson cheer! At the end of the game she asked me, "who won?". I told her Clemson and she cheered again!

See more pictures from the game.

Thursday, October 20

My Day

Waking Up
My alarm went off at 7 am. I got out of bed at 8:30 am (and only because Rob pushed me out, literally). I knew it was going to be one of those days.

I walked into the office and immediately the two women at the front desk commented on how tired I looked. At noon as I was walking to a meeting room another friend commented on how tired and drugged up I looked. MAN!! I usually try so hard not to look how I feel. Not today.

Last Minute Project
I had to finish a project today since Rob and I are going out of town tomorrow. I didn't find out about the project until last week so I ended up at work until 6:30 pm. It's almost done. I'll have to finish the rest in the car or over the weekend.

Just before lunch I asked a few people to pray for me because I was feeling overwhelmed and really tired. By the time lunch was over I was doing great! God really is good.

Wednesday, October 19

Learned Something New

Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and I love what I do. But half of what I've learned I'v learned on my own. I was working on a degree but had to stop when I got really sick a year and a half ago. I learn the best in a classroom setting. But the help funtion in the design programs work well too. I just don't like to read directions, I'd rather see things done.

Anyway, I just learned something new in Adobe InDesign today! I love it when I learn something new with the Adobe products. So exciting! I know Illustrator really well and InDesign well enough, but Photoshop is my weakest program.

I think this is the hi-light of my day!

Monday, October 17

No AC, Finally!

Tonight we turned off the AC and opened the windows! We've finally hit cooler weather. It's been a nice evening.

Sunday, October 16

Sci-fi Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Rob's been out of town since Thursday morning and he's coming home tonight. So I did whatever I wanted this weekend. Guess what I did?

I watched lots of science fiction and baked! I love sci-fi but Rob doesn't so I don't get to watch it much. And since we got cable a month ago I've been so excited to get the sci-fi channel. I know, I'm a geek, but who cares!

Friday, after baking myself a cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies, I watched the Sci-fi Channel: Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis. I'd already seen the Battlestar Galactica episode so I went to bed then.

Saturday morning my family waited until 10 am to call and wish me a happy birthday. That's what we do in my family - we all call eachother so it's a bunch of fun phone calls all day long. I was still in bed at 10 am, of course! I love laying in bed when I can. After a bunch of phone calls I went to see Serenity. It was really good. I went by myself because I don't know any other females who like sci-fi, except my sisters who live in Virginia. Then a couple of good friends came over for dinner and cheesecake to help me celebrate my birthday. It was fun and relaxing.

Today I watched Sahara. Not sci-fi but still good. And Rob will be home soon.

Saturday, October 8

Gluten Free Buckeyes

I figured out how to make Buckeyes for Rob without the foods he's allergic too. He's been craving sweets but can't really have anything. The regular recipe includes butter and all-purpose flour, which Rob can't have. So I just left out the butter and added extra peanut butter. Then instead of using the all-purpose flour, I used 1 part arrowroot powder and 4 parts brown rice flour.

Woo hoo!!! It came our really well. Next time I make them I'll post the recipe. I was playing around today, so I'll document it next time.

Friday, October 7

Lazy Rainy Day

Well well well...it's a great lazy rainy day. Today is my day off and I'm really enjoying it. I got up early to go to the chiropractor. Then Rob and I went to Starbuck's for a coffee and talked about stuff that needed to be talked about. Now I'm chilling at home, on the computer obviously.

We have to out again in an hour, but nothing stressful. I think tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny. We have mushrooms in our front yard cuz it's been raining so much.

OH!!!...and we saw an otter running around on the side of the road!

Tuesday, October 4

The sky is blue: The sea is green

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Yay for the teams going to Washington DC and Virginia, where I grew up. I love that the Amazing Race is doing a few rounds in the U.S.A.!!! I've never been to, or heard of, Welbourne Manor, but then again I've only been to Middleburg a few times. The spy detour was so fun! How weird would that be to go up to a stranger and say, "The Sky is Blue". Everyone is DC has a briefcase and a dark suit on!

I've also never been to a Civil War re-enactment, or as my in-laws from South Carolina would say, the War Between the States. (My husband yelled, "go grey" during this scene I should probably do that sometime when I fly back up to Virginia to visit family.

Okay, so now about the teams.

Paolo family - it's painful to watch them. Can they last long? I don't think so, and I don't want them too because they are so annoying. I can't believe how mean the older son is to his mom! Ugh. Then again she started nagging way to much.
Gaghan family - you walked around the reflecting pool looking for something that obviously wasn't there and you NEVER asked for directions????? The kids are still super cute.
Weaver family
- Rob and I are pulling for them because they are from Daytona, close to us. Plus I like this family; they work well together.

Anita's 30th bday

Anita's 30th bday
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I went to Northern Virginia this past weekend for my sister's 30th birthday party. It was fun and I got to see my family as well as my aunt, uncles, and cousins that I haven't seen in awhile. It was a good weekend.

This is a picture of Anita after her roast.