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Friday, September 16


I made it out to the Cocoa Beach this afternoon for a couple of hours. Sad to say, it was only my second time at the beach this year. Ugh!

The beach was perfect. As I wrote in a previous blog I think now is the perfect time for the beach. The humidity is low, the temperature has dropped a little, and the water was nice and warm. It doesn't get any better that that!

It was just what I needed. I spent time with God praying and reading a book about theology. What I didn't do was put sunscreen on. I know, I know, stupid thing to do. But I was anxious to get some sun and shed the pasty white girl look and I don't usually burn.

Today I burned in areas that haven't gotten sun all year - my face and stomach. I've been putting SPF 45 sunscreen on my face all summer, and I haven't worn a bikini all year. I was at a Crusade conference this summer so, ya know how that goes.

I'm sure it'll feel better tomorrow.


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