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Monday, September 12

New Glasses

New glasses Check out my new glasses! I really like them. I've been wearing the other style for 6 years and needed a change. I can't believe how much better I can see now with my new prescription! Ever since I started wearning glasses in high school I've always tried to have fun styles. I had an orange pair and a light blue pair. Those were fun and matched with most anything. These days I can only afford one pair - my parent's don't pay for them anymore.

Okay, so here's a picture with my old glasses so you can compare, since most people reading this (all 8 of you) don't see me much.
Old glasses


Blogger rob said...

I like them!

10:46 PM

Blogger karin said...

So fun!

I'm getting new glasses too.....except I just haven't gotten them yet.

8:20 AM

Blogger Leah said...

Yeah!!! you read my blog!!! I like your glasses.

2:35 PM

Blogger the salmon said...

lookin' good

10:43 PM

Blogger andie said...

hah hah hah...I bet there are more than 8 of us, you just don't know about us all :) (I know you from Keith Seabourne and Amanda Salmon's blogs...my husband works for CCC up here in Canada)

Anyway, love the new glasses. Isn't it nice that if you have to wear glasses, at least you can have fun with them?!

12:06 AM

Blogger Valerie said...

Dramatic yet not overpowering. An excellent choice, I'd say! You have always been a woman of fun fashion!

5:22 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

People really do read my blog! Thanks for the nice glasses comments!

6:45 PM


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