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Tuesday, September 27

Amazing Race - Family Version

So I wasn't so sure I would like the new family version of the Amazing Race. But after watching it I really do like it. It's fun to see how the family teams interact, especially the dad and son-in-laws, the dad and daughters, and the 3 brothers and sister.

The little blonde girl is so stinkin' cute! Could she be any cuter? The Italian family is annoying, although it's cool that the dad came from Italy to pursue the American dream. I like the widow and kids and I couldn't belive the mom got run over! Tragic, since that's how their dad died. I don't know if I can deal with 4 chatty high pitced female voices for the whole show. Although they are amusing.

The show doesn't usually stay in the U.S. so long to begin with, so it was cool to see different parts of the northeast. Can't wait until next episode.


Anonymous JustUsMoms said...

We loved the first episode, too! I honestly don't understand why everyone is complaining that they haven't left the U.S. We've had seven seasons of the same format! I, for one, enjoyed the family dynamic and am really looking forward to the rest of the season!

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