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Tuesday, September 27

Amazing Race - Family Version

So I wasn't so sure I would like the new family version of the Amazing Race. But after watching it I really do like it. It's fun to see how the family teams interact, especially the dad and son-in-laws, the dad and daughters, and the 3 brothers and sister.

The little blonde girl is so stinkin' cute! Could she be any cuter? The Italian family is annoying, although it's cool that the dad came from Italy to pursue the American dream. I like the widow and kids and I couldn't belive the mom got run over! Tragic, since that's how their dad died. I don't know if I can deal with 4 chatty high pitced female voices for the whole show. Although they are amusing.

The show doesn't usually stay in the U.S. so long to begin with, so it was cool to see different parts of the northeast. Can't wait until next episode.


The TV season started last week and it's been awesome. So many new shows and returning ones as well. Tonight is the premier of Amazing Race! Woo Hoo!

Okay, other shows I've been watching (with the help of a DVR):
  • Lost - the new episode was GREAT!!!
  • Desperate Housewives - I don't think I'll be into it this year
  • Survivor - loving it
  • The Apprentice - on the DVR still, waiting to be seen
  • How I Met Your Mother - very cute
  • Battlestar Galactica - I love my sci-fi, season just ended
  • America's Next Top Model - yes, I'm actually into this show.

Saturday, September 17

Mama's Birthday

Mama 2005
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Today is my mom's birthday. She's -- years old and still as beautiful as ever! In fact, when we got out together people think we're sisters. She's in Puerto Rico helping take care of my grandmother and aunt because my aunt's back went out last week. She'll be working hard so it won't be a super relaxing birthday for her. But she's with family.

Happy Birthday Mama! Try and enjoy the pool for a couple of hours.

Friday, September 16


I made it out to the Cocoa Beach this afternoon for a couple of hours. Sad to say, it was only my second time at the beach this year. Ugh!

The beach was perfect. As I wrote in a previous blog I think now is the perfect time for the beach. The humidity is low, the temperature has dropped a little, and the water was nice and warm. It doesn't get any better that that!

It was just what I needed. I spent time with God praying and reading a book about theology. What I didn't do was put sunscreen on. I know, I know, stupid thing to do. But I was anxious to get some sun and shed the pasty white girl look and I don't usually burn.

Today I burned in areas that haven't gotten sun all year - my face and stomach. I've been putting SPF 45 sunscreen on my face all summer, and I haven't worn a bikini all year. I was at a Crusade conference this summer so, ya know how that goes.

I'm sure it'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, September 12

New Glasses

New glasses Check out my new glasses! I really like them. I've been wearing the other style for 6 years and needed a change. I can't believe how much better I can see now with my new prescription! Ever since I started wearning glasses in high school I've always tried to have fun styles. I had an orange pair and a light blue pair. Those were fun and matched with most anything. These days I can only afford one pair - my parent's don't pay for them anymore.

Okay, so here's a picture with my old glasses so you can compare, since most people reading this (all 8 of you) don't see me much.
Old glasses

Friday, September 9

Bad Blogger

I know I've been a bad blogger. There's not much interesting going on in my life right now, so there's not much to post about. I've been feeling worse than normal the last 2 weeks so I haven't gotten around to being on the computer much. Maybe I should write about random stuff.

What should I blog about?

Monday, September 5


I came up with #10 of things I love about fall in Florida:
  • Fresh local oranges

Sunday, September 4

What I Love About Fall

Leah wrote about things she loves about fall and wants me to do the same. Growing up in Virginia my favorite season was the fall. I love the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler weather, and wearing sweaters. Unfortunately, fall in Florida is much different.

So here are my favorite things I like about fall in Florida.
  1. The temperature drops from 95 (35 C) to 90 (32 C).
  2. Hanging out in my hammock on the patio.
  3. Being outdoors again without sweating to death.
  4. Going to the beach.
  5. Seeing my neighbors outside during the day after the summer indoor hybernation.
  6. Tourist's go home.
  7. Kids go back to school.
  8. Summer clothes on sale that I can use year round!
  9. Palm fronds changing col....oh wait...never mind.
  10. That's about it.