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Monday, August 22

Peaceful Virginia

Mama's backyard
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I'm at my mom and step-father's house sitting on the deck in the backyard. The thermometer says it's 90 degrees in the sun but it's much cooler where I'm sitting in the shade. It's peaceful back here. There are woods in the backyard and a huge crepe- myrtel tree with tons of pink blossoms right in front of me.

I really like northern Virginia. I've been up here for the weekend visiting family and my friend asked me last night how my visit has been. I can honestly answer that it's been good. I can't always say that. But I got to hang out with both sisters, mom, best friend and even my dad was in town too. He lives in Pittsburgh.

What stresses me out about being up here isn't my family. It's the traffic, the business of life, the amount of time it takes me to go from one place to another. My family lives all over the northern Virginia area and it can take 45 minutes to go from my mom's house to my sister's place. And that's without traffic.

When I have the chance to relax up here like I am now, I love it. Virginia is a beautiful state. It's so green and colorful with tons of pretty trees. Some would say the weather is hot today, but compared to Orlando it's nice and cool! Sometimes when I come up here I can't wait to go home but today I miss living up here. And I'll miss seeing my family.


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