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Wednesday, August 24

Green Bean

Long green bean

Check out how long this green bean is! My sister's friend gave it to her from his garden.

ME: Oh my gosh, look how long that is! How'd he grow that?
Anita: He's Thai.
Will(Anita's Phillipino boyfriend): You've never seen a green bean that long? That's how my family grows them. They're all that long.
ME: Not the ones in the grocery store.

Apparently green beans grow long in parts of Asia. I learn something new everyday.


Blogger karin said...

yuck! i thought it was a snake.

2:08 PM

Anonymous Will said...

it's Filipino, with an "F" when you're talking about a person :-P

I just stopped by to say hi and THANKS FOR THE COOKIES!!!! I finally got a chance to try them about 30 seconds ago :-D

I missed your baking skills

Say hi to Rob, kkthxbyecyal8rdrivethruplease

1:02 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

Oops, thanks for the correction!

9:58 AM


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