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Sunday, August 7

Bye Bye Derby

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Our pet cockatiel, Derby, died 2 weeks ago. Our neighbors were watching him while we were gone in Colorado. When we called them last week to see if they could watch him an extra week they told us he had just died. They don't know what happened...just found him dead on the floor.

Rob and I are both sad. It's habit for us to say "hi Derby" when we walk in the house. Or to whistle to him during the day. We got his cage back yesterday and it's sitting in the garage as a reminder when we take the trash out. It's funny how attached we were to our little bird. He was our pet.

We're not going to get another bird right now. It had become harder and harder to find people to watch Derby while we were gone. We had Derby for 5 years and we think he was 9. Cockatiels normally live about 15 - 20 years. We'll miss his pretty whistling.

Bye bye Derby.


Blogger karin said...

that's so sad :(. i don't even like birds, and it's still sad.

i think bad things happen when other people pet sit. or plant sit. Once, my sister dog sat and the dog randomly died.

11:14 AM

Blogger Leah said...

My Stepgrandmother was watching a dog once and when she returned the dog hung itself off the deck. Yikes!

I am sorry to hear that your bird died. I know how you guys are feeling. Molson hasn't died yet but its still hard loosing a pet.

11:19 AM

Blogger marketinggrrl said...

awww! that is SO sad. he was super cute.

4:53 PM

Blogger the salmon said...

i'm sorry to hear too :(
we also had a ferret that got squished under the couch while being babysat...it was very sad.

4:11 PM

Blogger Jerry said...

I'm sorry to hear about Derby. On one level, it's just a bird, but in reality pets become an emotional part of our lives and losing them takes us through the grief process.

We enjoyed having Derby stay with us and whistle to us.

9:00 AM


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