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Tuesday, July 5

In Ft. Collins

We've been here since last Friday and it's beautiful! The weather is just great! We spent the weekend getting settled into our apartment and know it's back to work.

I found out this weekend that I'll be working more than I anticipated. Rob and I are here for Campus Crusade for Christ's national conference that happens every 2 years. And the conference team has 3 graphic designers working on stuff. One of them broke his arm this weekend. Another one has his arm in a sling because he broke his clavical. The third guy is healthy.

Luckily, I'm here. So I'll be helping them out some.


Blogger Apostle John said...

Found your blog -- after a long night of little sleep reading about other people's lives is strangely relaxing :)

I've been enjoying your blog!


8:59 AM


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