Pitatayo is me! That's how I pronounced my first and last name when I was really little and learning to talk. This blog is about me, my life, my experiences and other things I want to write about.

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Friday, July 29

Prairie Dog Field

Prairie Dogs
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There are 3 praire dogs in this picture. Can you find them?

There is a big field in Ft. Collins that's full of prarie dogs and you can hear them making noises to each other! They were running around from mound to mound. Very fun.

Thursday, July 21

GTO Ministry Booth

GTO Ministry Booth
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We set up our ministry booth this morning. We have a Ministry Fair during our conference so other staff members can learn about what different ministries are doing to help fulfill the Great Commission.

I designed our booth and other materials that will be handed out to people this week. It's fun to see the final product of my work!

Wednesday, July 20

Horsetooth Resevoir

Horsetooth Resevoir
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On Sunday Rob and I went to Horsetooth Resevoir and it was beautiful! I saw a big boulder and decided to figure out how to climb to the top. Never mind that I just had sandals on! I did it anyway and it was nice to sit up there a take in the view for a little while.

Can you see me in the picture? I'm the little white and peach speck on the rock in the bottom of the picture.

Sunday, July 17

Drive In Movies

Drive In
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I'm addicted. It started last weekend when I went to a drive in movie for the first time ever. We went last night again. I love it! It combines my love for watching movies with my love for being outdoors in beautiful weather.

Not only did we get to watch two movies last night, but we also watched God's show of shooting stars and a beautiful view of the moon as it went behind the mountains.

We got their early last night and I took this picture while we were hanging out waiting for the movie to start.

Monday, July 11

PT Cruiser Community

PT Cruiser
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Rob and I have become part of the PT Cruiser community. Other PT Cruiser drivers wave at us when they drive past! We feel so special.

This is our rental car for the month while in Colorado. It's fun to drive.

Sunday, July 10


Yesterday at yard sales I bought a 12 cup coffee maker that works great for $1 and a humidifier for $1!


I've been working hard this past and know we're playing hard on the weekend. Rob and I are driving the scenic route to Laramie, WY. See ya later.

Friday, July 8

The Poudre River

River in Colorado
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Rob and I went driving up the Poudre Canyon and stopped by the Poudre River several times to enjoy the scenery.

Tuesday, July 5

In Ft. Collins

We've been here since last Friday and it's beautiful! The weather is just great! We spent the weekend getting settled into our apartment and know it's back to work.

I found out this weekend that I'll be working more than I anticipated. Rob and I are here for Campus Crusade for Christ's national conference that happens every 2 years. And the conference team has 3 graphic designers working on stuff. One of them broke his arm this weekend. Another one has his arm in a sling because he broke his clavical. The third guy is healthy.

Luckily, I'm here. So I'll be helping them out some.