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Saturday, June 18

Rob's Annual Shopping Trip

Rob and I spent a good portion of the day at the mall. He really dislikes shopping, especially if it's for him. So it typically takes me about a year to convince him that he needs some new clothes. And it's not a fun process. But today's trip to the mall was really good. I think it's because I warned him ahead of time that we would be there awhile...and I told him to bring a book to read while I was getting what I needed. Let me just tell you that we got some major deals for his clothes because a store was having a buy one get one free sale on shorts and shirts. Then he found a really good pair of shoes that were a little pricey, but when we went to buy them they ended up being half off! Woo hoo!


Anonymous rach brabham said...

hi trish
finally got my act together to read ur blog!!! i have exactly the same problem shopping with (well really for) jack and the bizarre thing is we went shopping on the same day here in adelaide for jack and also picked up some great bargins!! great minds think alike (otherwise known as fools never differ!!lol)

6:50 PM


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