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Friday, June 10

How The Book Got Here

I got a cookbook this week from a sweet lady, Jo, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a member of my dad's church.
  • On Sunday night Jo gave my dad the book to give to me. But I had just left Papa's house on Sunday afternoon and he wasn't going to see me until Christmas.
  • On Sunday night he drove to the DC area for my cousin's graduation and gave the book to my younger sister whom he stayed with.
  • On Tuesday afternoon my younger sister gave the book to my mom - at the airport. They were both flying out from Dulles at the same time so Anita found my mom in the terminal.
  • On Tuesday night I saw my mom and she handed me the book.

My family will do anything to not have to spend money on mailing stuff. I love it! My mom is going to Puerto Rico in July to visit her mom, sister and brother. She's going to take the birthday present I got for my aunt when she goes so I don't have to mail it to her!


Blogger Rev. Mike said...

LOL! It must truly be a cultural thing because if she's like my mom, she'll take it wrapped up in plastic grocery bags, tied up on the end! Around here, we've come to refer to the bags from Wal-Mart as "PR luggage" because of this. :)

6:35 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

Funny! My family also uses boxes for travel when they run out of suitcases!

12:03 PM


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