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Monday, May 2

Wonderful Bread

Albertson's just started carrying Puerto Rican sweet bread. There are two loaves in one bag. I don't know the name in Spanish. I got some the other day and it was fresh out of the oven and it was so good I ate one loaf by myself! It melted in my mouth.


Blogger rob said...

I was wondering what happened to that loaf.

9:30 PM

Blogger Rev. Mike said...

At the risk of stating the obvious, could it be pan dulce? (I actually called my Puerto Rican mama about this one!)

10:26 PM

Blogger Jerry said...

WHAT!!!??? You don't know the Spanish name of Puerto Rican sweet bread? You grew up there!! At least you have the courage to admit it in public. No one would have known if you had just made up a name. :)

4:25 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Okay, okay, I set myself up for this! Let me clarify about not know the spanish name of the bread. I do know how to say "sweet bread" in Spanish. As Rev. Mike said, it is pan dulce. Yes, that's the obvious.

I said I didn't know the name because sometimes the names don't always translate directly. So I didn't know if it had a special Puerto Rican name or something.

But the bread reminds me of a mallorca, which is also made of sweet bread but looks more like a roll with melted butter and powerdered sugar. Also VERY good!

8:08 PM


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