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Thursday, May 5

Pan Sobao

Okay, so some people have been giving me a hard time about not know how to translate sweet bread into Spanish. I set myself up for that one! I won't tell you who they are but their names rhyme with Smike and Fjerry.

When I of course bought another bag of bread I saw that it's called "pan sobao" in Spanish, which is not a direct translation of "sweet bread". Sweet bread is "pan dulce". I guess I was too busy eating the bread to notice the bag the first time!


Blogger Rev. Mike said...

Buen hecho. Actually, I, of all people, didn't mean to diss your Spanish. I lived in PR from 1st through 3rd grade, and I can barely handle myself on the street 35 years later. We never spoke Spanish in our house.

I actually spent about 15 minutes on Google trying to figure this out, and when I still couldn't come up with it, I called home to ask. Mom seriously said pan dulce. I went back to your post and saw you had mentioned mallorca. I almost suggested that, but I thought, nah, too easy.

Enjoy and eat some for me! As for me, if you ever find someplace I can get quenepas, that would be my favorite childhood memory from the island.

9:14 AM

Blogger Jerry said...

Ah, you're vindicated. Didn't mean to pan you there. Well, really I did.

I've lived here in Hungary for 2 years, and I can barely say the word for plain bread correctly; kenyer.

8:40 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Hey - at which Albertson's do you get this bread? (is my gramar horrible? ugh!) I pulled into the parking lot of the Alberston's at 50 and Alafaya only to see that it is no longer an Albertson's at all. And, I wasn't willing to risk a cranky baby in an unknown store if they didn't have this good bread! :-)

1:18 PM


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