Pitatayo is me! That's how I pronounced my first and last name when I was really little and learning to talk. This blog is about me, my life, my experiences and other things I want to write about.

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Tuesday, May 31


I went to the optometrist last week and apparently I'm farsighted on top of having an astigmatism! So it's hard for me to see things close up. This is especially annoying during the 8 hours a day I stare at my computer screen. I'm having a hard time focusing on the little type on my screen. Rob laughs at me because I have to make the text really big (like I'm a 90 year old woman) all the time! I can't wait to get my new prescription.

I decided to try out contacts again. I used contacts about 7 years ago but my eyes were really dry. Once I started working in an office I wasn't able to use them all the time so I just gave up. I think it might work better now. My eyes are not as dry as before.

Sunday, May 29

Movie Weekend

So far it's been the best weekend in a long time. Why? Because Rob and I are just hanging out watching movies, which started Friday night with Me, Myself and Irene. Saturday we finally went to see Star Wars and it was AWESOME!!! Today we've watched Star Wars: Episode 4 and we're about to watch The Empire Strikes Back! It's really cool watching the last three movies now that I've seen Revenge of the Sith.

Friday, May 27

Now What?

The TV season is over and I'm not sure what to do with myself now. All of my shows finished this past week. I guess I'll be able to catch up on movies now. Me, Myself & Irene is on TV tonight.

These are the shows I like to watch:

Wednesday, May 25

No Time

Too busy to blog.

Check out Rob's blog.

Monday, May 23

Dirty Napkin

When Panera gives me my tray of food why do they put the sandwich on top of the napkin? The napkin is no good to me if it's already dirty. It ends of being a waste because I have to get another one anyway. I don't get it.

Friday, May 20


It's been an odd emotional day. This morning Rob and I attended a funeral for the 18 year old daughter of a co-worker. We didn't know her. But I when her best friends and boyfriend went up front to say a few words I couldn't help but cry.

Right after the funeral I rushed home to spend time with our friend from Vancouver who is here for the weekend. I had a great afternoon catching up with her and sightseeing in Winter Park.

Tonight Rob and I were back in a church. This time to see Karin receive her master's degree from seminary. I was very happy for her!

Thursday, May 19

Shopped Out

I'm officially declaring that today is the last day of my month long shopping spree.

Wednesday, May 18

Snuggly Derby

Snugly Derby
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Derby has found a new buddy to hang out with - our vitamin pills.

Tuesday, May 17


That's my favorite color.

That's all I have to say about that.

What's your favorite color?

Monday, May 16

Artsy Me

Artsy Me
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Check out my outfit! Isn't if awful? I was in a skit last week about makeovers. I was the artsy hippie chick that needed to learn to dress better. I went to a wives meeting dressed like this for 30 minutes before the skit started, and I got a lot of funny looks.

Several women who know me told me how cute I looked! I would never wear this outfit to the office. But I would wear the skirt with another shirt and the top with jeans.

Saturday, May 7


I flew up to DC Wednesday night for a long weekend. I grew up in Fairfax, VA so I consider this area home.

I flew up here just for:

The free museums (Thursday)
Susie and I went into DC to the National Gallery of Art. There was a special exhibit I wanted to see, Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre, and it was really good! I'm glad I went. Gotta take advantage of good art and free museums! We also quickly went to the new National Museum of the American Indian.

My mom's company lunch in her honor (Friday)
She’s been with her company for 10 years so her company took her and a couple of people out to lunch. A really really nice lunch at Morton’s Steakhouse. I just want to say, it was yummy!

My friend’s wedding (Saturday)
It was a fun wedding. The reception was great. Anita, my younger sister went with me because Rob couldn’t make it. I saw another friend from highschool.

Mother’s Day (Sunday)
My sisters and I made a nice brunch for my mom. We used the fine china. Then we hung out the rest of the day. It was fun.

My sisters and mother.
The Girls

Thursday, May 5

Pan Sobao

Okay, so some people have been giving me a hard time about not know how to translate sweet bread into Spanish. I set myself up for that one! I won't tell you who they are but their names rhyme with Smike and Fjerry.

When I of course bought another bag of bread I saw that it's called "pan sobao" in Spanish, which is not a direct translation of "sweet bread". Sweet bread is "pan dulce". I guess I was too busy eating the bread to notice the bag the first time!

Monday, May 2

Wonderful Bread

Albertson's just started carrying Puerto Rican sweet bread. There are two loaves in one bag. I don't know the name in Spanish. I got some the other day and it was fresh out of the oven and it was so good I ate one loaf by myself! It melted in my mouth.