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Tuesday, April 26

Rob's Coming Home

Yay! Rob comes home tomorrow! He's been in South Carolina for the last week visiting some of our ministry partners and visiting his family. So it's just been me and Derby. And Derby has been very easy to talk to. We've had all kinds of interesting conversations. Hhhmmm...that's probably a sign that I've been alone too much lately.

So this week I've spent most of my time sleeping and resting. I've been so tired that I haven't even had the energy to talk to people, except Derby of course. It's been taking a lot of energy out of me. But after a few days of wonderful silence, I'm feeling a little better now and I'm glad Rob is coming home.

Unfortunately for Rob, he's coming home to a toilet that needs to be fixed and my car that smells like it's leaking gas.


Blogger rob said...

Hang on, Babe, I'm commin'!

By the way, you should watch mixing the words toilet and gas in the same sentence.

11:20 PM

Blogger karin said...

He calls you Babe!!!!!!! awwwwhh.

i need to get me a husband.

7:11 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Yeah, he's a sweety! And he fixed the toilet when he got home.

12:50 PM


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