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Thursday, April 28

My Explosive Morning

My morning started out fairly normal. The alarm went off at 7:45 am and I turned it off. The second alarm went off at 8:15 am and at 8:25 I figured I probably needed to get up and get ready for work. I showered, dressed (it took awhile to decide what to wear) and had breakfast. And then I realized I was tired and a cup of coffee sounded really good. As I do many mornings, I put my espresso maker on the burner. A few minutes later...BOOM!!!!...I screamed...Rob ran to the kitchen and...

Coffe Explosion

Busted Espresso Maker

Coffee on the fridge Coffee on the wall

...my espresso maker exploded! There was coffee everywhere! And coffee grinds...everywhere!

Instead of going to work we cleaned the kitchen. We got most of the coffee grinds cleaned up. The walls...well...let's just say we now have a new "faux" finish on two walls. I like to call it the "coffee stain" finish.

Two hours later with the kitchen was clean enough, we were off to work. Rob finished cleaning when we got home from work. We have no idea how to clean the coffee off the ceiling. We'll figure it out later. But I was able to get the coffee stains out of my clothes.


Blogger revbill said...

That's some powerful coffee! :)

6:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That has happened to me!!! Not as bad, but I don't know what I did that made it explode. I like the Faux finish on the walls.

Ok, you have to get online or call me...I need to know what the dress looks like so I can send you jewelry or a purse!


1:09 PM

Blogger the salmon said...

that's crazy!!! any idea why it happened? wow, great pictures of your unnatural disaster.

3:19 PM

Blogger Rick said...

Wow, I can hear my mother now, "if coffee will do that to the expresso maker just think of what it will do to your innards!" Thankfully it sounds like no one was injured. God bless you both.

5:38 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

There must have been too much pressure and not place for steam to escape. The funny thing is that I've had two people tell me it's happened to them before!

9:53 PM


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