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Saturday, April 23

My "Beach"

PR beach
As I was sitting outside on my patio yesterday the desire to be at the beach hit me. Some summers the beach desire is not so strong but it hit me hard yesterday. It was such a beautiful day, sunny but not super humid yet. So I thought I'd try to go to the beach today.

Well, I got out of bed at 1 pm so that idea went out the door. I'm too tired to make the 45 minute drive to Cocoa Beach. I've been super exhausted the last few days and have been sleeping a good 12 hours or more a night. I need the rest.

I still have that beach desire though. And when I think of the beach I usually think of Puerto Rico since that is where I grew up going to the beach. So I decided to make my own little "beach" atmosphere. I just finished breakfast (I know, it's 2 pm) with my Puerto Rican coffee. The radio is on the Spanish station, and I've been hanging out in my hammock on the patio. It's breezy so I'm pretending it is an ocean breeze.

I just remembered that my sister and her boyfriend are in Puerto Rico for the week visiting my family. She's probably having the real beach experience.

(I'm calling my aunt and sister in PR now.)

Okay, so I just talked to my aunt and they are driving around the island and were about to stop at the beach in Vega Baja. I'm so jealous! But I'm glad they are having a great time!


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