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Tuesday, April 12

The Gerbeaud

The Gerbeard

Cathy and I went to this great old and famous cafe in Budapest. I'm in the green on the left. It was established in 1858. It was nice to have dessert and a cappucino or hot chocolate while we sat talking and people watching. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we went on 3 different days and I tried 3 different desserts. They were all great! If we had stayed in Budapest longer I would have gone everyday so I could try all the desserts! By the way, the hot chocolate was way better than American hot chocolate. It was thicker and richer and oh so yummy.

Dobos Torte
The Dobos Torte, a Hungarian specialty.


Blogger rob said...

Another post about food. ;-)

5:23 PM

Blogger the salmon said...

i was going to say how much i appreciate the woman's perspective. i read rob's blog about the trip and then yours patricia. its really cool to see the different things you both focus on. i love the pictures you took or had taken (when you're in them).
it also makes me think how cool God is to bring you two together...a perfect match. :)

6:18 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Thanks Amanda. We're a perfectly opposite match!

9:45 PM


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