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Tuesday, March 15

Tonight's Amazing Race, Episode 3

A recap of the third episode of a race around the world!

Starting in Santiago, Chile, the contestants had to drive themselves throught the Andes Mountains to Argentina. Romber was the first team out. I like Romber. They're entertaining. I agree with my husband who said, “I don’t like Rob’s morals but I like his scruples”. He asked a police officer to drive them to their first destination. And I can’t believe they stole Debbie and Bianca’s taxi! I don’t care much for the girls, but Rob and Amber are asking to be Yielded with that kind of behavior. Ron and Kelly were the second team out. I’m pulling for them because Kelly is from my husband’s home state of South Carolina. But they need to learn to work together better. Bryan and Greg are fun to watch. They were the only team do the bikes on the Detour and one of them ended up with a flat tire. Several teams went past them while they were trying to fix the flat. Debbie and Bianca - did they call Argentineans stupid? They were smart enough to get directions ahead of time still they got lost. They ended up on the coast instead of the mountains! I give Debbie credit for rafting even though she almost died rafting a few months ago. Romber is lucky they got to the Yield first before Lynn and Alex, who were ready to Yield them.

Then came the food challenge. One person on each team had to eat a traditional Argentinean meal consisting of 4 pounds of meat! Early on Rob decided he would quit and take the 4 hour penalty. By convincing Deana to quit and take the penalty as well, Rob and Amber assured themselves of staying in the race. Rob’s a smart guy. Uchenna is finally the first to finish the food competition.

Lynn and Alex are the first to arrive at the pit stop and the first thing they celebrate is beating Romber. I think they did some kind of victory dance? Rob and Amber finish in the middle of the pack somewhere with big grins on their faces. As Phil laughs with them Rob says, “I didn’t think I could do it but I found a way to plot and scheme in the Amazing Race”. He sure did!

Finally it comes down to what I think are the two most annoying teams, Debbie and Bianca, and Susan and Patrick. Unfortunately the least annoying of the two was eliminated – Debbie and Bianca.


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