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Friday, March 11

A Stupid Moment From the Past

I have nothing exciting to blog about today so I'm going to share one of the many stupid things I've done in my life.

I was in highschool and it was New Years Eve. Being the good Hispanic Puerto Rican family that we were, all holidays were spent with family. So my family got together with my family (aunt, uncle, cousins) and went over to my family's (2nd or 3rd cousins) house to party on New Years Eve. Of course all of my family's family were also there and after that it just gets confusing.

So we sit down to have a nice dinner and I realize my cousin Yuyin (prounounced Joo-jing; it's a nickname) had her nice china and crystal out. As I was taking a sip of water from a very nice crystal water goblet I thought to myself,

"This glass is really thin. I wonder how hard I'd have to bite to break it."

Apparently not that hard! As soon as the glass broke, in my mouth, it felt like everyone turned to stare at me, in slow motion, and stared at me forever. I was really embarrased.


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