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Saturday, March 5

The Iron

Last Sunday I noticed my iron was acting weird. Sometimes it got hot and sometimes it didn't do anything. So I tried different outlets thinking that they had something to do with it but I eventually figured out it was just the iron.

Thursday I started looking for a new iron. I knew I would need a new one in the next few weeks, so why not prepare ahead of time for the inevitable. I had already decided I was going to use my iron until it died and was hoping it would last until April.

This afternoon I had to iron so I plugged in the iron and waited to see if it would heat up. It did so after a minute I started ironing. The next thing I know I hear this weird fizzing sound coming from the plug. Then it blew up! It sparked and caught on fire! It only lasted a few seconds but it freaked me out.

So, I got a nice new iron this afternoon. So much for waiting until April.

Oh, and that was only part of today's excitement! The radiator in our car had to be fixed and Rob was attacked by a snake. But you can read about that on Rob's blog.


Blogger karin said...

there's steam coming out of your iron.

12:21 AM


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