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Monday, March 21

Disney Tickets from 1994

Last month Anita, my younger sister, came to visit for the weekend and we went to Disney World and used tickets our parents had bought us in 1994! Can you believe they still worked?! Our parents bought us 4 day park hopper tickets back then and we were told they would never expire. It costs $134 for four days! On the ticket it says it's valid for all three parks and now there are four. The Animal Kingdom wasn't even built. Here are some more hilights from our day:
  • The woman at the gate who first saw the ticket laughed and said, "Oh, I've seen these before."
  • Exchanged the old tickets for new electronic ones without a problem
  • Met a couple who thought we were in highschool (should I be flattered or insulted?)
  • Saw obnoxious drunk college guys on spring break
  • Saw more obnoxious drunk college guys in line for beer in the Germany section of Epcot
  • Lost my ticket!
  • Freaked out because I had another day left!
  • Was able to get another ticket because it was electronic and in the system
  • Went from Epcot to MGM to The Magic Kingdom
  • Had a college guy ask what grade we were in (I think he was hitting on my sister)
  • Got home around 1:30 am


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