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Tuesday, March 8

The Amazing Race

It's Tuesday night and that means it's The Amazing Race night! This is my favorite TV show right now and when it's on I'm totally focused on it.

I think the reason I love the show so much is because of the adventure and travel. I took a personality test once that suggested I needed to do at least one new or adventurous thing a week. If I didn't I would get bored with life! It's true. I have high adventure needs. I also love to travel to different countries and experience new cultures.

Because my health is so bad I'm not able to do either of these two things I love very often. So I get my weekly dose of adventure from The Amazing Race.

One day when I'm healthy again I'm going to visit all the places I've seen on The Amazing Race. And if the show's still on when I finally healthy, I'm going to apply!


Blogger Rick said...

With the problems and excitement with your iron and car radiator and Rob being attacked by a snake it sounds like you have your fill of adventure right now!

9:49 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

No kidding. All that stuff wore me out!

10:32 PM


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