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Tuesday, March 22

Amazing Race Recap - Episode 4

A recap of the fourth episode of a race around the world!

Alex and Lynn are the first out from Mendoza to Cabana La Gutana and are still out to get Romber. Not sure if I spelled that right. Second is Uchenna and Joyce. Brian and Greg are third out promising “today’s mission – no mistakes”. The first thing they do – get lost!

The roadblock – riding a horse around barrels in 39 seconds or less – no way! But they do it no problem, except for Joyce who was bucked off a few times. After the roadblock they must fly to Buenos Aires on one of two flights leaving at 9:30 am or 2:30 pm.

Romber left fifth from Mendoza but that’s okay because Rob likes “to be unda presha”. They finish the detour at 9 am. Can they make it to the 9:30 am flight where four other teams are ecstatic to be taking off without them? Of course they can, because they’re Romber! Oh the look on the other teams faces! Priceless.

On 2:30pm flight to Buenos Aires are Meredith and Gretchen, Ray and Deana, Susan and Patrick.

In Buenos Aires teams must find the man in the black rain coat for the next clue, take a train to Tigre, and find the docks in Tigre for the next clue. On the train Alex and Lynn decide to quietly move up to the front of the train for a head start. They don’t want anyone to see them, especially Romber. So who sees them? Romber, of course! Why are Alex and Lynn so are obsessed with Romber?

The clue at the docks leads the teams to a Detour; shipwreck or Island. Both involve finding the next clue in a river. Obsessed Boyfriends and Romber are in the lead and Obsessed Boyfriends just want to beat Romber. I guess they don’t care about actually winning the race. Obsessed Boyfriends end up with a broken boat and are slowed down allowing Romber to move into first place.

Romber is first at the pit stop, the polo club in Martina. Alex and Lynn come in 5th. Susan and Patrick come in last and are eliminated. I didn’t think they’d get very far, especially without their buddies Debbie and Bianca.

Next week: 2 hours of The Amazing Race!


Blogger annette said...

I love the Amazing Race! Who's your fave team? I like Ron and whatever her name is, the beauty queen. I miss you! We should get together soon!

1:54 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Hey Annette! I actually like Rob and Amber, Ron and Kelly, and the brothers. I guess I'll narrow it down eventually.

2:10 PM


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