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Tuesday, February 1

Mornning Woes

I only have 2 pair of pants that fit me right now. I need to fix one pair tonight and take the hem down so they are long enough for me. I was supposed to do that last night but ran out of time.

The other pair are fine, or so I thought until I put them on. The hem on these pants came apart so now one leg is too long. I almost didn't go to work today because I didn't have anything to wear. But I found a saftey pin and pinned them up. A safety pin is much better than stapling my pants like Leah did.


Blogger rob said...

LOL! I was thinking about Leah also!

11:00 AM

Blogger Leah said...

Hey, it worked didn't! My hem always comes down on my pants. Scotch tape also works.

11:07 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

I bet duct tape works well too! Don't know why I didn't think of that.

2:04 PM


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