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Thursday, February 17

Creativity Unleashed

I just came home from the first night of a writing conference. The main room was full of round tables and on each table was a very creative centerpiece complete with: goldfish (real not the crackers) in a pitcher, colored pencils, glitter glue, pieces of funky paper, zigzag scissors and a paper table cloth to color on. It was meant to spur our creativity and it worked for me.

It took me awhile to notice the stuff on the table but after someone pointed it out I got so excited! There was stuff for me to play with! I could color and cut and create! So what did I do?

  • Wrote everyone's name with a different color in pretty writing where they were sitting
  • Cut up the paper with the cool scissors and glued it in a pattern on the paper cloth
  • Colored some of the leaves on the paper cover with different themes: cow leaf, Hokie leaf, Clemson leaf, etc.
  • Created little leaf people from the colored leaves: Leafstrom & Leafella (they are cute too!)

I love to create and be creative and I don't do it often enough. My daily schedule is usually filled up with a big list of "to-do's" written down the night before. It's the only way I can get stuff done. It's usually after a few weeks of following my list that I start to feel like I'm not creative. Then I get all down on myself because I'm not as creative as I thought. But you know what's really happening? It's when I'm not making time to play creatively that I start to feel uncreative.

Tonight reminded me that I need to make time for creativity. After coloring a few minutes I started thinking of all the creative projects I could be working on. Ideas started coming to mind. I wanted to finish the painting I'm working on for my mom instead of sitting listening to a speaker! What more could I color? What more could I create? Now all I want to do is paint but instead I have to be at the conference for the next day and a half!

So I guess the conference has succeeded in spurring my creativity. Of course it probably would have been better if it would have spurred my writing creativity instead of my design creativity. But, then again I did come home and start writing this blog entry instead of getting out my paints.


Blogger westcoastloon said...

Hey Patricia,

Don't you love it when they let the big kids play? Are you familiar with Keri Smith and her work on The Wish Jar Journal? She writes a lot about finding time and ways to play creatively. She has a book out called Living Out Loud or something like that. They sell it on Amazon. Stefanie has a copy and has really enjoyed it. She says it comes with lots of great ideas. And stickers.

Keri has a blog too:

~ Claire

7:34 PM


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