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Thursday, January 6

The Year the Camels Stopped Coming

Today is January 6 so Happy Three Kings Day! (Or Epiphany) Today is the day in Latin America that families exchange their presents, instead of on Christmas day. My sisters and I used to get presents on this day, as well as Christmas, until a few years after we moved from Puerto Rico. I don't remember much about it since I was 3 years old when we moved and about 6 when we stopped getting Three Kings Day presents. If my family is reading this maybe you can clarify for me.

The night before on January 5 we would grab our shoe boxes, stuff them with grass, and leave them under the bed. During the night the 3 wise men would come to our house. The shoe box full of grass was for the camels to munch on while the 3 kings delivered their gifts. I remember being so excited when I woke up to find the grass all gone! I still have one of the gifts they left for me - a Cookie Monster stuffed animal. I don't sleep with him at night anymore but he's still in the house I grew up in with the ruffly panties I put on him when I was little. I also used to put him in my basket on my bike and ride around the neighborhood with him. What can I say? I was a typical little girl! That gift may be the reason I love chocolate chip cookies so much! I'm making chocolate chip cookies as I type.

So Cookie Monster was probably the last gift I got from the three kings because I think the following year I asked my parents why the three kings weren't coming that year. They told me the camels had gotten to big and couldn't go up the stairs anymore.


Blogger karin said...

what a blog! ruffly panties on cookie monster (scandalous, i tell you!), overweight camels, and a chocolate-chip cookie covered laptop.

I liked this one a lot!

(and i always wondered what Epiphany was about)

10:47 PM


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