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Friday, January 14

Too Many Clothes

I finally finished putting up wire shelving in our master closet. It took longer than I thought. I'll put up pictures later. So Rob and I are finally unpacking the boxes in our office. When we went to Canada we boxed up everything in our bedroom to make room for our renters and put all the boxes in our front bedroom. This morning we started.

We have a bunch of junk! Part of me wants to get rid of everything since we've lived without if for 3 months. I hate clutter and having a ton of stuff. I've been de-cluttering my house for 4 years. It's a constant process. We've been doing one box at a time and going through our clothes, trying them on to see if they fit, are too old, or just don't like them anymore. If we keep it, it goes into the closet. If we don't, it goes into a yard sale box. We have 2 yard sale boxes so far and have only gone through 4 boxes. It's great getting rid of stuff! I love it! We're going to have a good yard sale this year.


Blogger karin said...

Oohhh...I love yard sales! Especially ones with clothes! Be sure to tell me when it is ;)

10:48 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

Sure thing.

8:50 PM


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