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Saturday, January 8

Canadian Words

We're back in Florida know and I miss British Columbia. It's been snowing up there. Today I was in shorts and a t-shirt. This is the best time of year to come of Florida! With all the Christmas rush and packing and stuff I didn't get a chance to post this last Canadian post. So I'll do it now. Here's a bunch of different words they use that are different from Florida at least. Most of them you can probably figure out and Rob and I have adopted one phrase.

washrooms - restrooms
loonie - nickname for Canadian one dollar coin
toonie - nickname for Canadian two dollar coin
toque - a ski hat - Rhymes with "kook."
Timbits - donut holes from Tim Hortons, a Canadian donut and sandwhich shop
holiday - vacation
hydro, hydro bill - electricity, electric bill (used in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and elsewhere, but not throughout the entire country)
icing sugar - powdered sugar
parkade - parking garage
lineup - a line, Canadians wait in line or in lineups, never "on line."
postal code - zip code
south of the border - The USA (not Mexico or the place in South Carolina just south of the NC border)
zed - the letter "z"
eh - they really do say that just like the stereotypes, but it's kinda like how we use the word "huh" and the end of sentences
get a coffee - Canadians get a coffee instead of going for coffee or just having coffee
to phone someone - call someone on the phone, which really does make more sense I think

Now we get a coffee instead of going for coffee. I don't know why, I just like it better. The other interesting one is toque. I was told it's a French word. Rob's been using that word too.


Blogger the salmon said...

thats a good list of canadian jargon :)

a special note re: vacation vs. holiday...someone once said that time off should be time to relax and refresh (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and that it should be a holy-day (holiday) rather than just a time to "vacate" (vacation). i personally subscribe to that line of thinking and so i use holiday more often then vacation.

2:01 PM

Blogger Patricia said...

I like how you mentioned the difference between vacation and holiday. It makes me like the term "holiday" much better. I don't know how often I'll use it though because I'll be afraid I'm not using the term correctly!

1:15 PM


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