Pitatayo is me! That's how I pronounced my first and last name when I was really little and learning to talk. This blog is about me, my life, my experiences and other things I want to write about.

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Monday, January 31

Warm Orlando

I'm back home from my weekend trip to DC. It didn't get above freezing the entire time I was there! In fact, it was so cold that at my older sister's house I slept with an electric blanket on high and a thick down comforter. At my younger sister's house I had a down comforter and a space heater.

It's good to be home.

Thursday, January 27

Flying into Freezing

I'm flying to DC this evening and it's always interesting flying north from Orlando in the winter. When I leave Orlando it'll be about 70 F/21 C and when I land in DC two hours later it'll be about 12 F/-11 C! I was going to the Rob temperature scale in there also but he didn't go below freezing.

Wednesday, January 26

My Blond Moment of the Week

Monday morning I invited a friend over for dinner because I hadn't seen her since we've been home. So I told her either Monday night or Thursday night would be good. Unfortunately she couldn't make either night because she already had plans.

This afternoon I remembered I'm not even going to be in town Thursday night! I'm flying to Washington DC Thursday evening to visit my family. It's a good thing she couldn't come over anyway.

Tuesday, January 25

My Car

I can't get into my car anymore because the outside door handle finally broke off all the way. Yep, I said the doorhandles. I think they're some kind of plastic and two years ago the handle on the driver's side broke half off. I was still able to open the door though so we didn't get it fixed. Then last year the passenger side handle also broke off, but more than the other door. So for the last year or so the driver has had to reach over and open the passenger side door from the inside of the car! We didn't want to spend the money to fix the handles until we really had to.

Today the driver side handle finally broke completely off so I can't get inside my car easily. In order to get into my car I've been having to open the front door from the inside through the back seat. Not very convenient. I guess it's finally time to fix the door handles.

My Nieces

Rob and I spent Christmas and New Years Eve with his family in South Carolina and we had a lot of fun with our nieces. They are so stinkin' cute! They are the cutest little redheads ever! Lera Martha is 4 years old and Amelia is 2 years old. Here are some pictures of them.

They are showing off their makeup.

Playing with my hair and making it look prettier.

Celebrating New Years Eve!

Friday, January 21

My Closet

I finished putting more wire shelves in our closet! YAY! It took me a few days to do it but I was only working on it a few hours a day. I put more shelves on the side walls and left the back wall alone. Before I worked on it there was only one shelve on each side. The left side of the closet is Rob's side and I put two shelves on his wall.

The right side is mine and I put the long shelf up higher and added a bunch of smaller ones on the side for my shoes, towels and other stuff. I can add more shelves if we need to also.

I feel like we have so much space now! Almost too much space. Wait, no, there's no such thing as too much space. We have more than enough room for our clothes and the rest of the space will be used for storage. I'm glad it's done.

Thursday, January 20

The Bruise On My Knee

I've been really fascinated with the big bruise above my knee. I have no idea how I got it. I probably ran into something which is how I usually get my bruises. And even though I'm sure it hurt at the time I still can't remember how I got it.

The bruise gets bigger when I bend my knee, and it's smaller with my leg is out straight. I've also been watching it turn colors as the days go by. It's taking a really long time to go away. Today it has a little bit of yellow along with the typical dark purple bruise color.

Just thought you might be interested on what's been on my mind lately. I'll keep you informed on my bruise.

Saturday, January 15

Football Observations

It's 6:30 pm and I'm watching the football playoffs with Rob. While Rob is probably enjoying that stats, here's what I'm observing:
  • Santana Moss is a cool name
  • Plaxico is a cooler name to say
  • (Brewsky is also a fun name but I don't think he's on either of the teams I'm watching)
  • Greg Gumble looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid
  • Some guy has long curly hair sticking out of his helmet that looks cool
That's how I enjoy football.

Friday, January 14

Too Many Clothes

I finally finished putting up wire shelving in our master closet. It took longer than I thought. I'll put up pictures later. So Rob and I are finally unpacking the boxes in our office. When we went to Canada we boxed up everything in our bedroom to make room for our renters and put all the boxes in our front bedroom. This morning we started.

We have a bunch of junk! Part of me wants to get rid of everything since we've lived without if for 3 months. I hate clutter and having a ton of stuff. I've been de-cluttering my house for 4 years. It's a constant process. We've been doing one box at a time and going through our clothes, trying them on to see if they fit, are too old, or just don't like them anymore. If we keep it, it goes into the closet. If we don't, it goes into a yard sale box. We have 2 yard sale boxes so far and have only gone through 4 boxes. It's great getting rid of stuff! I love it! We're going to have a good yard sale this year.

Wednesday, January 12

Free the Fiddler!

Googly Eyes has taken our Fiddler hostage! Help us get the Fiddler back. Read about it on Rob's blog.

Sunday, January 9


My little cockatiel is so cute sometimes. He's sitting next to me on the sofa just hanging out. He's falling asleep actually, and his little eyes are half closed. Cockatiels are social birds so they like to hang out with people. I just think it's funny because his cage is on one end of the sofa near the window. He'll jump from his cage onto the sofa and walk across the back of the sofa to the other end to be with us. Then he finds a place to sit and hang out. So tonight it's just Rob, me, and Derby hanging out watching TV.

Saturday, January 8

Canadian Words

We're back in Florida know and I miss British Columbia. It's been snowing up there. Today I was in shorts and a t-shirt. This is the best time of year to come of Florida! With all the Christmas rush and packing and stuff I didn't get a chance to post this last Canadian post. So I'll do it now. Here's a bunch of different words they use that are different from Florida at least. Most of them you can probably figure out and Rob and I have adopted one phrase.

washrooms - restrooms
loonie - nickname for Canadian one dollar coin
toonie - nickname for Canadian two dollar coin
toque - a ski hat - Rhymes with "kook."
Timbits - donut holes from Tim Hortons, a Canadian donut and sandwhich shop
holiday - vacation
hydro, hydro bill - electricity, electric bill (used in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and elsewhere, but not throughout the entire country)
icing sugar - powdered sugar
parkade - parking garage
lineup - a line, Canadians wait in line or in lineups, never "on line."
postal code - zip code
south of the border - The USA (not Mexico or the place in South Carolina just south of the NC border)
zed - the letter "z"
eh - they really do say that just like the stereotypes, but it's kinda like how we use the word "huh" and the end of sentences
get a coffee - Canadians get a coffee instead of going for coffee or just having coffee
to phone someone - call someone on the phone, which really does make more sense I think

Now we get a coffee instead of going for coffee. I don't know why, I just like it better. The other interesting one is toque. I was told it's a French word. Rob's been using that word too.

Thursday, January 6

The Year the Camels Stopped Coming

Today is January 6 so Happy Three Kings Day! (Or Epiphany) Today is the day in Latin America that families exchange their presents, instead of on Christmas day. My sisters and I used to get presents on this day, as well as Christmas, until a few years after we moved from Puerto Rico. I don't remember much about it since I was 3 years old when we moved and about 6 when we stopped getting Three Kings Day presents. If my family is reading this maybe you can clarify for me.

The night before on January 5 we would grab our shoe boxes, stuff them with grass, and leave them under the bed. During the night the 3 wise men would come to our house. The shoe box full of grass was for the camels to munch on while the 3 kings delivered their gifts. I remember being so excited when I woke up to find the grass all gone! I still have one of the gifts they left for me - a Cookie Monster stuffed animal. I don't sleep with him at night anymore but he's still in the house I grew up in with the ruffly panties I put on him when I was little. I also used to put him in my basket on my bike and ride around the neighborhood with him. What can I say? I was a typical little girl! That gift may be the reason I love chocolate chip cookies so much! I'm making chocolate chip cookies as I type.

So Cookie Monster was probably the last gift I got from the three kings because I think the following year I asked my parents why the three kings weren't coming that year. They told me the camels had gotten to big and couldn't go up the stairs anymore.