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Monday, December 20


Well, we've had a week of vacation this past week and now we're packing up to go. Here's a brief run down of our vacation time.

View from hotel
Whistler - Sundy through Tuesday
We went to Whistler for a couple of nights. It was so much fun. No, I didn't go skiing which was hard because I like to ski. But I figured it wouldn't be a good thing with my health right now. So I watched the skiers and snow boarders coming down the hill for awhile. The drive up there was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Monday it snowed! Tuesday is rained while we came home. We just hung out in the village and enjoyed the snow covered mountains and the atmoshpere. We had dinner at Splitz Grill as recommened by Amanda and Derek who used to live there. Thanks for the tip guys. They have great burgers! Yum. The photo above is the view from our hotel room. The one below is in Whistler Village while it was snowing!
Me in Whistler

We stopped at Brackendale on the way home from Whistler. This town is the winter home of bald eagles who live up north. We saw about 50 bald eagles hanging out in the trees or eating salmon on the river bank. Very cool! This photo has 6 eagles in the trees.
Bald Eagles

Victoria - Thursday
I went to Victoria with Claudia while Rob chilled at home. I got up at 6:30 am so we could catch the 9 am ferry to Vancouver Island. The ferry is 90 min and the ride through the Gulf Islands was very nice. Then we caught a bus to Victoria which was 45 minutes. Victoria is a pretty and very British looking city. It's the capital of British Columbia. We walked around town, had afternoon tea and then dinner at The Sticky Wicket. We caught the 9 pm ferry back and were home by 11:30 pm. The photo is capitol building in Victoria.

Vancouver - Friday
One last good bye to downtown Vancouver. We went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. The top floor was dedicated to works of Emily Carr, an artist and writer from Victoria. There was also a special exhibit, Massive Change: The Future of Global Design. It was great! Then we drove around Stanley Park to view the city lights one more time.
Vancouver lights

It was a good week.


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