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Friday, December 3

Starbucks vs Other Cafes

I'm going to admit that I'm not crazy about Starbucks. I know some of you are SHOCKED at that statement. Like my friend Karin who likes to visit every Starbucks possible, owns all the Starbucks paraphanalia, knows all the people who work at the Starbucks near her, has a Starbucks credit card and would probably live there given the chance. Or my mom and step-father who are also in love with Starbucks.

I think it's because I don't like to do what everyone does, and in this case it's going to Starbucks.. That's part of my rebellious nature. I refuse to be like everyone else. Plus their coffee tastes burnt. But I think most of all I'm not crazy about Starbucks because there is nothing cozy or comfortable about them. Sure some of them have a few sofa chairs but for the most part their chairs are uncomfortable and their tables small. And they're all decorated the same so there's nothing unique about them.

Ok so Starbucks isn't all that bad but I prefer cafes that are unique and those tend to me more cozy or comfortable. If I was at home in Orlando it would be Barnies even though they are another chain and aren't really cozy. But I like their coffee better. Since we've been here in British Columbia I've noticed there are TONS of cafes everywhere and of course a Starbucks on every corner.

Which reminds me of the movie Best In Show. I highly recommend it but let me just warn you the sense of humor is very different. Nonetheless I love it! In the movie a couple describe how they met at Starbucks. The woman was at one Starbucks and she saw the guy sitting in the Starbucks across the street. So the guy decided it was okay for him to try the Starbucks across the street so he could meet the woman. And they lived happily ever after going to Starbucks.

So back to cafes around here that aren't Starbucks. We love them. They sell breakfast bagels, which are very good I might add, and lunch and dinner too. Plus not only can you have coffee drinks, you can also get wine and beer as well. A bit odd I think but, whatever. I've found a few that I like to go to because they are cozy and comfortable.

There's The Wired Monk which has a nice atmosphere with a fireplace and a few cozy chairs. And the people are all very nice and ask me about hockey all the time since Tampa won the Stanley Cup this past year. Not that I know anything about hockey plus most of the team was from Canada anyway. Then there's the place next to my doctors office which I really love, also with comfy sofas and a fire place. An added bonus is that my latte there comes with a stick of chocolate! Can't complain about that! This morning we went to Spill The Beans in Fort Langley. Not so comfy but it has a homey feel to it and it's unique.

Obviously being here has brought out my inner coffee habit which I normally suppress. Don't worry, I drink decaf most of the time so I'm not a big ball of hyper walking around (which would really annoy Rob). I just love the taste of coffee and have since I was little and my family let me taste cafe con leche in Puerto Rico. It had tons of milk and sugar in it. Come to think of it, I was probably drinking sweet milk with just a drop of coffee in it!

Anyway, I'm going to miss the cafes around here. They are hard to find in Orlando.


Blogger the salmon said...

great observations. you actually made me reconsider why I go to starbucks...
what i was going to post was so long, i decided to post it on the salmon speaks

2:27 PM

Blogger karin said...

i do not own a starbucks t-shirt. yet.

but i was thinking about giving the manager a christmas card because he's so nice and runs such a great store.

maybe i am weird.

1:05 AM

Blogger Patricia said...

You don't? What happened?

Okay, so I exaggerated a bit with you and Starbucks. Glad you didn't mind. Maybe they'll give you a free coffee if you send them a Christmas card!

1:11 AM

Blogger Jerry said...

I have never been a coffee drinker, but recently I've concluded that European cappucino beats American coffee by a hundred miles. Our favorite restaurant, the Adler (which I posted a photo of on my blog if you're interested), has the most incredible cappucino around.

Starbuck's frappe cappucino (or whatever they call the overpriced, coffee-flavored slushy that comes in sizes that are named with words closer to Italian musical notation comments than size words) is still pretty good.

Now if I could only get a Starbuck's frappacino made with the Adler's cappucino I'd be all set!

2:47 PM


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