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Thursday, December 2

Jesus and the Salmon Store

Rob and I went downtown on Sunday to look for salmon gifts and we went into Salmon Village off Robson street. We had already compared prices and decided that the touristy salmon store actually had the best prices.

We bought what we wanted but we ended up having a great conversation with Rob, the guy working there. He was really friendly and talkative and ended up asking where we were from. We told him we were from Florida working here for a few months. So are you intenational drug dealers, he asked. I laughed and said no, we were working with Campus Crusade.

That lead into a great conversation about what Campus Crusade is and what we were doing and then we started talking about spiritual stuff. Of course we're talking while at the same time Rob and I are looking around deciding what to buy. There was noone else in the store so it wasn't that hard. I enjoyed talking to him. He was very straight forward and so were we, and he kept asking questions.

Unfortunately our parking meter was about to run out so we couldn't stay much longer. He knew that we were committed to ministry on the internet so before leaving I gave him the address of The Life so he could check it out and get a Gospel presentation there. I'll probably go back to the salmon store before we leave to get a few more things and I pray here's there so I can continue our conversation. This time I'll make sure there's more time on the parking meter.


Blogger karin said...

cool story! but who gives salmon gifts?!?

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